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mobile tech overload in barcelona

grabbing a precious quiet moment at the mobile world congress in barcelona. it’s been a guerilla assault on the industry’s annual shindig - i arrive here at noon yesterday and am flying back to dublin in a few hours. lots of copy in friday’s irish times on my impressions of the event but here’s a few little teasers:

  • team ireland has been in top form and all credit to enterprise ireland for organising the pavillion which not only showcases some of our brightest companies in the space but has great free coffee
  • just getting to grips with the nokia n95 and really like it. thanks for nothing nokia for introducing the n96 and giving me phone envy again.
  • pat phelan, the consumate networker did a fine job putting on bash last night. venue felt a bit sterile at start but the event came together nicely.
  • why can’t we have more good value restaurants in dublin. top meal last night for two for €84.

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google ratcheting up the heat on all fronts

there’s only really be one story in my world the last week or so - microsoft’s unsolicited $44.6 billion bid for yahoo. of course google has weighed into the battle with opinions divided on what exactly that means. i’ve written a big package on what the proposed take over means which will run in business this week in tomorrow’s irish times.

i noticed though google seems to be launching an unusually large number of new services this week. the front page of techmeme earlier today had mentions of google news local, a new google apps team edition and google’s entry into open id. not to mention the rumour that google might buy bebo.

call me cynical but does anyone else think it’s just coincidental that the number of new services and alliances being rolled out by google has ramped up significantly this week? maybe i’m just too familiar with the way pr works.

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