Magnet focuses attention on residential market


On Tuesday 9th September 2008 Magnet launched two new highly competitive broadband packages. “Magnet Force 10″, features 10Mbps Broadband for €29.99 per month (incl vat, excl line rental), free access to the new Magnet PC TV service & value call packages. Uniquely, this new product has a magic red button called “Turbo Boost”, which when pressed will instantly boost a customers speed to the maximum possible on their line, upto 24Mbps. This new feature is free until January 2009, but after that Magnet are planning on charging a small fee for 4 hours of maximum speed browsing! “Magnet Force Max”, is an upto 24Mbps product priced at €39.99 per month (incl vat, excl line rental). This products joins the ranks of super fast products now available in Ireland from the likes of BT, Smart and UPC. Magnet promise excellent quality of service by guaranteeing 1:1 contention, this means that even at peak times your connection speed will not degrade unlike their competitors. This “Max” product also features the new Magnet PC TV service.


The free Magnet PC TV service allows customers to watch RTE1, RTE2, TV3, TG4 and Bubble Hits on their computers. A small free application is required to decode the Mpeg4 stream which will use approximately 1Mbps of your bandwidth. More than 12 high quality radio stations are also included. Plans are in place for live pause and record features. Having seen a short demonstration, I think this could be a revolutionary step for an ISP, the convenience alone of having your broadband deliver your phone, radio and TV sounds great. An added bonus is that no tv license is required for TV through the internet in Ireland!

Magnet are one of the few internet service providers in Ireland really pushing the envelope in terms of new cutting edge products. Their fibre products in new developments (stay tuned for a detailed article coming soon) are available to 11,000 homes across the country and these new ADSL2+ products launched on Tuesday are available to 500,000 customers via their 39 unbundled exchanges in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick and Portlaoise. Magnet are also planning to unbundle a further 9 exchanges in the near future.


  1. cgarvey on September 11th, 2008 at 11:31 am #

    More “no contention” claims; I love it! What they really mean is no contention at the DSLAM/exchange level (and that is a huge advantage over eircom, and its resellers, don’t get me wrong). However, there will, by design, be contention further up the chain, it’s just better managed.

    If you and 47 of your users are on eircom broadband visit the same site (say for a live match), then you’ll have issues. You’ll have the same issue (just not on the same scale) if you’re all with Magnet. However, the real benefit shows when all 48 of you are on magnet and visiting different sites across the world (you’ll all experience little or no contention).

    Magnet, no more than Smart, are not contention-free.

  2. Damien Callan (Article Author) on September 11th, 2008 at 3:11 pm #

    I’ve certainly never seen contention issues on 24:1 adsl products, but I think your right, perhaps I should change the word promise to claim!

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