Review: Nokia 5610 XpressMusic

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Firmly targeted to the teen and sub-30 generation, this is a robust music phone in a crowded market. Nokia, since 2007, has put a great deal of effort into bringing out music phones and of late providing content for those phones. The 5610 XpressMusic is slighly dated for mid 2008 but still offers a good size, great battery and a nice form to have itself appreciated.

The Music

As I mentioned the music phone is crowded and Sony Ericsson have some fantastic thin phones with nice tricks like motion sensitive features to shuffle tracks or skip them. The 5610 has specific buttons on the phone for playing music, a headset which also works as a radio antenna and with memory expansion can hold 4 gigs of songs. It plays more music formats than an iPod or iPhone (yay) but does have DRM (boo).

The Design
 Nokia 5600 express
A practical design, nothing fresh to it to be honest. Not too thin either but it doesn’t feel brittle. No heart leap if you accidently drop it. You’ll feel assured it can take a drop and not shatter. We got the metallic red finish phone and it’s quite nice to be honest.

Calls, data and bluetooth

Good call quality even in poor coverage areas, it stays on the network unlike some *cough* iPhone *cough*, taking a few calls doesn’t sap the battery either. Data is fine too and it uses real Bluetooth so you can pair things easily and use wireless headphones to get better quality music into your airs.


A good phone that will serve you well should you buy it but not the top of its game and if you have the budget and like Nokia phones you’ll probably go for something more powerful from the same company.

Specs from Nokia:

  • Cutting edge, urban design, slide form factor, black high gloss front finish, with scratch protection and aluminum side panels
  • Music slider with instant mode switching between music player, FM RDS radio and phone idle mode
  • Crystal clear sound, and music playback up to 22 hours, enabled with a dedicated audio chip
  • 3.2 megapixel autofocus camera with dual flash
  • Watch videos in near DVD quality on the 2.2 inch screen in 16 million color 30 fps
  • Fast 3G connection for music downloads and video call
  • Enjoy web 2.0 services directly from your phone – using Yahoo Go! Nokia Internet Search, Widsets or suing Nokia Download! client


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    mi celular se rompio nescito nu equipo nuevo pero quiero mantener la linea.este mes ya se hace el año q conservo mi mismo num y no deseo cambiarlo.hace unos dias me comunique directamente con personal .pero no me llamaron como habian quedado. espero resp.

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